Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3/366: Me and coffee

Well what can I say. 15 years as an IT guy, 4 years as a photographer - of COURSE I love coffee.

A couple of years ago, my wife, well known for her cunning and guile bought me an amazing coffee machine for my birthday. There was just one catch. It needed a kitchen to be installed in... so naturally I agreed without any fuss to buying a new kitchen.

Yes - she is THAT cunning! :)

Anyway the coffee machine remains one of my very fave things, I feel very lucky to have it. Especially at about 6.45 most weekdays, when I stagger downstairs, drop a mug under it and hit a button.... aaaaaaah COFFEEEEE! :)

Today's photo is courtesy of a chum on Instagram who claimed that day 1's photo lacked enthusiasm, and that I needed to dose up on caffeine before day 3. In fact, I've dosed up FOR my day 3 shot. So there :)

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