Saturday, 25 January 2014

How we roll in the studio...

I do studio photo shoots a little different to most, so here's a run-through of how I do things at Way Ahead Photography...

Step 1: You come to the studio and have a brilliantly fun hour. No stuffy photographer (just a very chatty me!) no need to take off your shoes (it's not the Ritz after all)... we chat lots and take loads of photos and you get to see the photos as we go along, so you know how amazing you look!

Step 2: The proofs are sent to you digitally, so you can choose 30 images you like. This gives you a chance to be objective about the shots, with no interference from a pushy salesman (or "photographer" as they sometimes call themselves...). You already know what you are paying and what you are getting, so there are no hidden costs and no emotional blackmail!

Step 3: Once you have selected your photos, they are tidied up and sent to you hi-resolution with no watermarks (either digitally on on a CD) YOUR photos. Do what you like with them (even post them on Facebook and say how amazing the photographer was :) )

The outcome? You pay a piffling £99, have a huge smile on your face and are the proud owner of beautiful photos that will give you pleasure for many years.

You can come back to me for great quality prints/canvasses etc, which I ill do for you at a great price using my brilliant local suppliers and contacts, but you are equally welcome to shop around! They are YOUR photos, after all!

You can contact Way Ahead Photography on Facebook by messaging, or email or phone 07956584178

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Website Goes Live!

I am very pleased to announce that I've been putting the quietness of January (sadly an occupational hazard!) to good use and have completely redesigned the Way Ahead Photography website!

I've been privileged to be involved in some amazing photo shoots in the past year or two, and I wanted to reflect this by updating the website with a whole bunch of new images.

I have tried to clean up the design of the new site so that it is all about the photos. Lots of lovely full screen images, and not a lot of waffle from me.

Because let's face it, all that trite "I am passionate" and "I am committed" stuff is really boring, and self-absorbed. I'd rather let my photos do the talking...

Also I've listened to my lovely customers who have made it clear that my main selling point, is me and how I do photography. So the new site proudly sports my name in nice friendly joined-up writing, placed carefully above Way Ahead Photography, which I think is significant. I want people to feel they are dealing with a personable human being at all times - not some faceless corporation!

I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank to to all the amazing people I work for and with, and also to Steve Smith from Mantaur, a good mate and my web server guru!