Sunday, 31 March 2013

Folkestone10 - 29th March 2013

Photos from this year's Folkestone10 race are now online. It was a fantastic event, despite the un-Spring-like weather, icy cold breeze and hints of snow, and it was made even more exciting and memorable by  paralympic goalballer Louise Simpson being on hand to start the race. She also ran the 10 mile course, putting in a very respectable time indeed.

Over 650 runners took part this time round, and fans of the Folkestone10's Facebook page are hailing the event the "best Folkestone10 yet!" I had a fantastic time photographing the race, which proved to be very fast and frantic! I also enjoyed meeting the brilliant people who participated and/or organised and ran the event, and generally drinking in the atmosphere and experience the day provided. Many thanks and a huge well done to race director Ian Bubb for doing such a superb job.

Also a big thanks and shout out must go to my fellow shooter, David Winstanley, who did an outstandingly flawless job, as I knew he would when I asked him to co-shoot the race. 

Photos from the 2013 Folkestone10 can be viewed and purchased via my website: