Friday, 20 August 2010

Why I love shooting festivals...

Hevy 2010
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This year I had the privilage of attending both the Hop Farm Festival, and the Hevy Festival in Lympne - 2 paradoxically different events.

Whilst Hop Farm tended towards big and well celebrated acts, Hevy was very much about the new and the now, and where Hop Farm verged on a Folky sound, Hevy was, as the name suggests, very much about Heavy music - be it rock, metal, or whatever those kids are calling it this week...

But having got over the initial "oh dear, I'm getting old" feeling that often accompanies this sort of assignment, I started to really enjoy it, and it came to me again that the best thing about shooting music festivals is NOT that I get to see the bands I know and love.

It's getting to discover new bands, and new music.

This year I was blessed with the discovery of The Subways. A trio of energetic British rockers, who haven't yet received the huge success they deserve, but nonetheless have a large and loyal following.

They rocked the Hevy festival with their blistering riffs, powerful vocal harmonies and frantic stage capers. I don't often stand around to watch a band after I've had my 3 song shoot in the press pit - but for The Subways I was willing to make an exception. And then buy their latest album "All Or Nothing" on Itunes as soon I got home!

It's a given fact that trying new things keeps you feeling young.

And my heartfelt gratitude goes to bands like The Subways who make it less like taking cod liver oil, and more like trying a new flavour of Haribo.