Friday, 18 December 2009

Last Minute Christmas Present Idea?

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Need something quick for Christmas?

How about a photo of you as a couple/family? Perhaps a fashion style shoot for a stylish partner? Or maybe a band shoot for the kids, or even a photo of the family pet?

Way Ahead is pleased to offer you a 1 hour photoshoot with an 8"x10" printed framed photo, for £30.00*

Simply contact Luke on 07956 584178, or via the website and book a shoot, and I'll email you a lovely colourful Way Ahead Photography voucher.
They'll get something to open on the big day, AND even better - something to look forward to after Christmas is all over.

And if you pay with PayPal online, you won't even have to go out in the snow!

Simples! :)

* please note that this does not cover delivery if required, and is valid to customers within a 30 mile distance from Ashford, Kent. Customers outside this distance may be subject to travel costs.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Don't forget to have fun!

Signs Ahead
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A recent natter on Facebook with one of my festival buddies reminded me that it's important to take photos just for the heck of it - to experiment and to HAVE FUN with my camera.

Now I'm trying to earn a living with my camera, I often spend way too much time take photos for a reason, and sometimes the only reason should be I want to take photos.

The aforementioned friend is a huge fan of a style of photography called Lomography, which came about after the discovery of a little known russian film camera back in the 1990's, and serves as a reminder to enjoy your photography.

Lomography devotees attempt to adhere to the 10 Golden Rules, which are essentially all about using photography to document your everyday life, rather than it being some fancy art form for "Sunday best" only.

I love the idea of breaking the rules, and this is positively encouraged in lomography. The website is full of amazing photos, snapped in all sorts of ways, and well worth a good look.

Inspired perhaps by a visit to the site, I took the attached whilst driving my Mini yesterday! I quite like it. Not sure the police would tho...

Monday, 7 December 2009

Never listen to critics... unless they say nice things!

Friday night I had the privilage of seeing Chasing Ora play at the Water Rats, London.

Having liased with them beforehand on Myspace, it was great to see them playing live. They didn't disappoint. Strong, driving and foundational rhythms supplied by Steve the drummer and Darren the bassist, creative guitar riffery from Alex and Jonas, and the icing on the cake, beautiful, sweeping, haunting vocals from the lovely Natalie. The band delivered songs that were instantly memorable, and caused me to go and buy 2 of their tracks from ITunes!

Prior to the gig, I had suggested that they contact a certain magazine to try and get some exposure, and was told by a glum Darren that the magazine in question had slated them horrendously.

Astonished, I wasted several minutes of my life I will never ever get back, and tracked down and read said article. A classic example of lazy writing, cliches and somebody trying to be far more clever than they have the potential to be. Somebody I've never ever heard of before.

And here's the difference. Bands like Chasing Ora exist to play music. They want to succeed.

Critics like the one in question want to be famous. They don't care about success, they don't care who they hurt along the way, they only want to be "known".

Bands like Chasing Ora make people feel better, they take them out of the inane crapness life might be chucking at them at any given moment, and give them the night off.

Critics who think it's clever to destroy rather than build, just bring everybody down a bit more. They unleash their bitter desparation on a bitter, desparate world, and it achieves nothing.

Chasing Ora are driven by the memory of a beautiful and talented female vocalist, taken from them, and their fans, by a tragic accident. They are driven by the music she loved, and they love still. They believe in their music, and they desire to entertain people with it.

I wonder - what drives our friend the critic, and how proud they are of that article now?

The old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" seems appropriate...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Use what you have to hand...

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Did a photoshoot in Canterbury, Kent yesterday, with a superb model called Claire. It rained. A lot. And we kept going...

As a result we got some of my fave shots so far, including this one. My camera, an EOS50D survived admirably, and we had a great time.

Brits talk about the weather a lot, but we don't let it stop us having fun!