Thursday, 30 April 2009

Problems with Outlook email links and Firefox? Read on...

I had a problem on my Vista laptop with Windows Live Mail where, because I prefer to use Firefox to do my web browsing, I found I couldn't click on hyperlinks in emails. When I did, I got a "general fault" and the offending link refused to open in Firefox.

Being a full-blooded IT guy, I can never be bothered to fix things on MY computer - so I left it.

Today I was called by a customer who, amongst other issues, was having the very same problem on a Vista laptop - this time, between Outlook 2007 and Firefox! As money was involved, I actually took the time to solve it :) If you have the same sort of issue - read on dear reader!...

The solution calls for a registy fix so you will need to run REGEDIT. Go to Start - Run - and type REGEDIT and press enter. (In Vista you can click Start and type REGEDIT in the search textbox at the bottom of the Start menu.)

In regedit you will need to navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\FirefoxURL\shell\open\ddeexec

Once there you will see a name on the right hand side of "(default)" - double click this item.

You will then see a value of ""%1?,,0,0,,,,. " in a text box - delete this value (so the box is cleared) then click ok. Close the registry editor, and reboot your computer (just to be sure!) - next time you click on a link in an email it SHOULD open in Firefox just fine!!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Laugh or Cry?

Currently reading up on Harold "The Doc" Edgerton - amazing scientist and
photographer. Took the original "droplet" photos of milk, shot apples with
bullets and photographed sportsmen and hummingbirds at high shutter speeds.

Found this page with his "bullet through apple" image and marveled at it
again - then I made the mistake of reading the comments beneath...

Coincidentally, I saw Idiocracy last night - interesting little film where Luke Wilson finds
himself in a future where everyone else is ridiculously stupid and he's
considered a genius. Trouble is - and as this posting proves, idiocy seldom
appreciates genius...

Ok I can accept that some people won't understand how this was done - it is quite amazing after all. But when people start thinking that they "stopped the bullet" or that the US government has found a way to stop time, I start to worry a bit...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Shop on Etsy

My shop on Etsy is now open. Lots of photos on sale, and other items coming soon, including greetings cards! Go and have a look!