Friday, 26 March 2010

We Don't Need This Disease (in Folkestone)

Had the privilage of shooting the Editors Tuesday night at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone.

Now it would be very easy for me to berate the absolutely imbecilic morons who threw beer, caused fights and even accosted Tom the singer. But to be honest I think they've got too much credit already.

Instead I will focus my attention on what was one of the best live performances I've had the privilage to witness this year.

Despite everything that was thrown at them, literally at times, the band gave it their all, and put on an amazing show for the REAL music fans who were there.

The set and lighting were simply perfect, I had a blast taking photos and then stood back and enjoyed the fantastic music. I didn't know their music so well before the gig, but as is often the way when I shoot a band, I have become a fan! My next Itunes invoice will be a biggie...!!!

As for the others - well done you. I only feel sorry for the people who have to serve you at the dole office...