Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cyber Busking?

I've decided that one way to raise money would be to let people pick songs for me to cover on the acoustic guitar. Simply go to and make a donation and let me know what song you'd like me to have a crack at.

Nothing is off limits - but bear in mind I'm not the world's best singer... I will do my utmost to entertain and amuse tho...

As a textbook example of this - have a look at today's offering. Enjoy ;)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

It's Official... I'm running a Marathon!

(originally posted on Facebook)

Right the physio thinks she can get me to the finish line, I'm feeling characteristically stubborn, so let's do this... time to make it official.

I hereby declare the following:

Regardless of whether I walk with a limp forever afterwards , and even though my stretching exercises will probably frighten the old ladies of Brighton, on Sunday 6th April 2014 I *WILL* be running (and even hobbling/crawling) a Marathon, and I'd like YOU to visit my LocalGiving page and help me raise money for a cause I've become very attached to. Please.

Being a shameless individual, you can assume I will be open-minded to requests/dares/bets and anything however painful (but only to me) and embarrassing (probably mostly for my wife and kids) that might cause you to delve into your wallets

Please go to for more info about my run, and to donate!

Thank you you lovely bunch - you are fantastic! x