Friday, 29 November 2013

Black Friday - Way Ahead Stylee...


Today this limited edition art print by Way Ahead Photography is being auctioned by Bamfords in Derby as part of a Guinness record-attempt charity auction - for Annabel's Angels and some other excellent charities.

I've decided to run a competition a bit like the penny auction sites.

So here's what you have to do to try and win a FREE 1 Hour Photo shoot and 30 images on DVD at my studio.

1) Go here to the Justgiving page and donate a quid (or more if you want) for each guess you would like to make.

2) Send a message Way Ahead Photography on Facebook PRIVATELY, and have a guess what the picture will sell for. You can have as many guesses as you like, but please can you make a DONATION of at least £1 to Annabel's Angels for each guess!

3) Watch/listen to the auction live here (the photo I've donated is Lot 1728). Psst - I don't mind if you bid too

4) The CLOSEST ORIGINAL GUESS to what the picture actually goes for in auction wins the free shoot! "ORIGINAL" as in only one person must have guessed the amount that I deem the winner. There can be only one!!!

Please note my decision is final, and that you will need to be able to get to my studio in Hythe, Kent (UK!) to claim the prize!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

PRESS STATEMENT: Thank you Herald! (and your lovely readers!)

(as posted on the Herald's Facebook page)

Hi folks - a massive thank you for your support on this, and to the Herald for bringing it to your attention. Both very much appreciated 

I would never want to be somebody seen as grumpy and I hope my inpromptu chalk campaign today raised a few smiles
 - it certainly had people chuckling outside my studio - as well as highlight the importance of not tolerating this sort of thing. 

I am very aware that the majority of dog owners are lovely decent people who do clear up after their pets, and that sadly as with many things in life, just a few people spoil this. And I don't think that's fair or right.

We are very proud of our lovely High Street in Hythe and work very hard to try to make our shops as friendly and inviting as possible, so we really don't appreciate this sort of thing occurring. 

Also there are health implications to small children and old people in particular who come into contact with abandoned dog mess, so it is an important issue and one I feel we all need to stand against. Oh and it's illegal too of course!

There is currently a beautiful photo of a husky dog in my shop window, I am a big fan of dogs and have enjoyed lots of fun doggie photo shoots at my studio. I would simply like people to be able to come to my studio, enjoy the photos in the window and enjoy photo shoots at my studio without the risk of stepping in something unpleasant!

Thanks again for your support, and don't forget your chalk! 

Luke (Way Ahead Photography)

Monday, 30 September 2013

40-40: We have lift-off!

Pleased to say I finally got round to kicking off the 40-40 project (well I have been a busy boy over the Summer after all!)

And what better way to set the ball rolling than a fun photo shoot with one of my oldest chums, local businessman, writer, film director and musician, Andy Coughlan.

Andy used to be in my first ever rock band (the wonderfully named "Yak"...), is constantly grinning and is a thoroughly top chap. I'm not sure being 40 really bothers him in the slightest and in many ways he hasn't changed a bit!

Thanks Andy! :)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dad Was Right...

When I was a lad I used to get rather irked with the insomniacal antics of my dad. A real live country boy, he loved to get up at the crack of dawn. Unfortunately he was rather evangelistic in his ways and insisted that we all do likewise. "You don't know what you're missing," he'd enthuse, "it's the best part of the day!"

Many, many years later, and as a photographer in particular, I am starting to realise just how right he was.

There is something about making an effort to get up with the sun, that transforms my whole outlook. Perhaps it's the freshness of the morning, the warmth and hope that first peek at the sunlight gives me. Or perhaps it's because I get two whole hours (in the summer at least) to do whatever I like. Run, cycle or just go out and take photos for fun.

Whatever it is I find myself energised and optimistic after an early morning start, and I have to really resist the urge to do as my dad used to, and come home and wake everybody up noisily!

Last week I managed to find a model - the fantastic Steph - crazy enough to do likewise, and we enjoyed a really lovely photoshoot on the beach in Greatstone, Kent. We both felt it was definitely worth the early start!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

40-40-40 Update... I still need you! :)

A while ago I posted THIS blog about my 40-40-40 Project. 40 portraits of 40 people turning 40 around about the same time as me...

I've finally got myself a little more organised and am coming back to this one. I've created a form on my website HERE - if you are interested in being one of my 40-40 subjects, please fill out the form and send it over.

Ta muchly! :)

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Folkestone10 - 29th March 2013

Photos from this year's Folkestone10 race are now online. It was a fantastic event, despite the un-Spring-like weather, icy cold breeze and hints of snow, and it was made even more exciting and memorable by  paralympic goalballer Louise Simpson being on hand to start the race. She also ran the 10 mile course, putting in a very respectable time indeed.

Over 650 runners took part this time round, and fans of the Folkestone10's Facebook page are hailing the event the "best Folkestone10 yet!" I had a fantastic time photographing the race, which proved to be very fast and frantic! I also enjoyed meeting the brilliant people who participated and/or organised and ran the event, and generally drinking in the atmosphere and experience the day provided. Many thanks and a huge well done to race director Ian Bubb for doing such a superb job.

Also a big thanks and shout out must go to my fellow shooter, David Winstanley, who did an outstandingly flawless job, as I knew he would when I asked him to co-shoot the race. 

Photos from the 2013 Folkestone10 can be viewed and purchased via my website:

Friday, 4 January 2013

40-40-40: I need YOU!

I am turning 40 this year. Needless to say I'm not happy about it.

I have never been one for getting depressed about birthdays, I've always just seen them as just another day. To be honest I don't feel any different to when I was 18. Just sleepier.

And yet there is something different about this one - the big 4-0. Something that gets under my skin, and has turned me into (as my kids would say) a big grump. What is it about this "milestone" that is effecting me? Why does it seem significant? And is it just me?

That's why I've decided to do a project this year I am called 40-40-40

40 photos.

40 people.

All 40 in 2013.

40 people willing to bare their faces and souls, to help me understand what this 40 lark is all about. What it means to them, why it bothers them, or why it doesn't.

And I need YOU! If you want to volunteer (and live near enough to Hythe in Kent) I will shoot your portrait. You will definitely get a copy of said portrait. If I decide to turn this into a book, I will let you have a free copy of the book. I'm not sure where I want to take this yet...

You can contact me via Facebook, or you can post a comment or email me at

It would be brilliant if you could get involved! It might just keep me sane too! :)