Wednesday, 27 November 2013

PRESS STATEMENT: Thank you Herald! (and your lovely readers!)

(as posted on the Herald's Facebook page)

Hi folks - a massive thank you for your support on this, and to the Herald for bringing it to your attention. Both very much appreciated 

I would never want to be somebody seen as grumpy and I hope my inpromptu chalk campaign today raised a few smiles
 - it certainly had people chuckling outside my studio - as well as highlight the importance of not tolerating this sort of thing. 

I am very aware that the majority of dog owners are lovely decent people who do clear up after their pets, and that sadly as with many things in life, just a few people spoil this. And I don't think that's fair or right.

We are very proud of our lovely High Street in Hythe and work very hard to try to make our shops as friendly and inviting as possible, so we really don't appreciate this sort of thing occurring. 

Also there are health implications to small children and old people in particular who come into contact with abandoned dog mess, so it is an important issue and one I feel we all need to stand against. Oh and it's illegal too of course!

There is currently a beautiful photo of a husky dog in my shop window, I am a big fan of dogs and have enjoyed lots of fun doggie photo shoots at my studio. I would simply like people to be able to come to my studio, enjoy the photos in the window and enjoy photo shoots at my studio without the risk of stepping in something unpleasant!

Thanks again for your support, and don't forget your chalk! 

Luke (Way Ahead Photography)

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