Monday, 14 December 2009

Don't forget to have fun!

Signs Ahead
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A recent natter on Facebook with one of my festival buddies reminded me that it's important to take photos just for the heck of it - to experiment and to HAVE FUN with my camera.

Now I'm trying to earn a living with my camera, I often spend way too much time take photos for a reason, and sometimes the only reason should be I want to take photos.

The aforementioned friend is a huge fan of a style of photography called Lomography, which came about after the discovery of a little known russian film camera back in the 1990's, and serves as a reminder to enjoy your photography.

Lomography devotees attempt to adhere to the 10 Golden Rules, which are essentially all about using photography to document your everyday life, rather than it being some fancy art form for "Sunday best" only.

I love the idea of breaking the rules, and this is positively encouraged in lomography. The website is full of amazing photos, snapped in all sorts of ways, and well worth a good look.

Inspired perhaps by a visit to the site, I took the attached whilst driving my Mini yesterday! I quite like it. Not sure the police would tho...

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