Tuesday, 12 June 2012

You can't win...

Untitled by Way Ahead Photography
Untitled, a photo by Way Ahead Photography on Flickr.

Photographers are damned creatures. If we dare to flaunt our wares in public, at a wedding or an event, it is inevitable that we will be challenged with the phrase "Oh - you're the PROFESSIONAL photographer are you?" by some ancient relative with a bigger lens on his Nikon.

Often I have even been asked directly "So what makes YOU a professional photographer?" - usually backed up with a withering glance at my woefully inadequately-sized camera/lens. My favourite reply is simply "I am being paid"

The double standards are that whilst we're being told by such antagonists we're no bigger/better/bolder than anybody else out there, that we are not required or wanted out there, when we DO produce the goods, the excuse is made that it's because we have "a better camera". I find this baffling - surely EVERYONE can buy these cameras? Surely the playing (or perhaps poppy) field is levelled?

If the "better camera" is the explanation, how come there are so many awful photos on Facebook?

These series of psychadelic photos were me having a bit of fun on an app available for free, to everyone. Amateur or professional...

Amusingly I've already had somebody point out the simplicity of what I've done - it's not like I've "done it myself" - ANYONE could take that app and do this...

But the fact remains - I've DONE it. I've taken action. I've chosen my path. And here is the result.

And that - Mr Wedding Antagonist, is why I am a professional... choice, and actions.

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