Friday, 15 June 2012

Trading Faces: Paul Apps - Fine Artist

  Continuing my Trading Faces project, today saw me shoot a portrait of my good mate, Paul Apps. 

  I only met him quite recently, but already we are firm friends, due in no small part to his excellent appreciation of coffee, and wicked sense of humour. I have even enjoyed a couple of impromptu photo shoots out in the streets of Hythe with him and beautiful models.

   Paul has a studio in Hythe High Street, where he paints his amazing wildlife and landscape scenes, and also art nudes. He runs several classes which are well attended, covering a range of topics, and he is a big fan of cool headwear.

  I love this photo of him, because it's a stereotype image of an artist in many ways, and yet a true depiction of my friend - somebody who in no way could be called "stereotypical". I love the colours on the palette too! 

  Visit Paul's virtual studio at or find him on Facebook and Twitter!

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