Monday, 21 February 2011

Being urban and chic. We does it.

last week I had a very exciting call from Abi, the amazing designer behind the Be Urban Chic range of clothes. She had, at the very last possible moment been offered an exhibition stand at the PURE London Exhibition, in the Olympia showground.

This highly prestigious event was nothing more than she deserves, as her clothes are simply amazing, her passion is unmatched and her talent is astounding. Drawing inspiration from the 60s and 70s British fashion scene, Abi manages to combine classic ideas with modern twists in a way that is totally devoid of pretence, she does not pander to either the past or the present, she takes the best of what has come before nd combines it perfectly and beautifully with things that work today.

Something I believe is important to my own passion, as a photographer, .

Oh and Abi is also one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet!

With the aid of three very beautiful (and tall) ladies, we staged an inpromptu fashion shoot, against one of the old white brick walls near the Be Urban stand. And amazing things started to happen. The photos, taken with a couple of cheap flash guns, were fantastic, the brickwork and the moody shadows combining with the moody attitude of the brilliant models, Claire and Victoria, to compliment the fantastic clothing perfectly, giving the resulting images an edgy urban quality.

In fact so pleased was I with the photos, I rather regret shelling out on my studio. all I need, it seems, is a nice wall somewhere...

The other thing that happened confirmed something I have believed for a while -
photography is a spectator sport. As soon as people noticed us, the Be Urban stall was awash with enquirers, curious to find out why there were photographers and noise and general activity in a hall full of people standing stock still in their stalls. And then once drawn over, the clothes did the talking and our job was done.

I always really appreciate any opportunity to work as part of a bigger team, and the fleeting visit to PURE London was a fantastic chance to do this, with some really brilliant ladies. I had a fantastic time working with some really great people, and I can't wait for the next time!

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