Thursday, 30 July 2009

Strings To The Bow

I'm a freelance photographer. So by my reckoning I need to be doing "a bit of everything". Which suits me just fine - my character is such that my wife believes strongly that I have ADHD...

This last week I've been flexing my "fashion shoot" muscles. I advertised for some models, pointing out my style, which I think is quite individual, and has been brought about by the rock photography I do so much of.

The response was very pleasing - 30 applications to work with me. So far I've worked with a couple of lovely models - really nice people as well as having a great look. And I had a blast.

One thing I'm learning fast is that ability can only get so you far. Personality is really important if you want to stand out from the crowd. The models I am choosing to work with are the ones who are funny, friendly, and pleasant people. Looks aren't everything, even in photography and fashion!

One of my heroes, David Bailey, was known for his huge charm and personality, backed up by a tremendous talent behind the camera. He was, I imagine, amazing to work with - which is why people flocked to use him.

In this game, I really believe nice guys can win....!!!

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